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Fake It ’til You Make It?

This post is meant to be a manifesto, upon which you can return whenever you deviate from your true mission, that is, your inner calling. I’ll sure do so. The old saying says: “Fake it till you make it.”. But does it really work? I’ve stumbled upon this quote 3 years ago in an infographic, […]

Bookworm #1

Yeep, I’m quite a bookworm. I finish on average 1 book per week. Why do I say “finish” instead of “read”? Cause I consume 3-4 books simultaneously. Took this idea from James Altucher that encourages idea sex, namely to read books from different subjects and combine that ideas with one another. Works pretty well for me; even though it takes some time. Still the method is better than speed reading a book in 1-2 hours, because you can actually digest every piece of new information one step at a time.

Life and Negotiations: Givers vs. Takers

With the risk of sounding too corny, we only have one life, right? So we might as well live it to the fullest and put our interests ahead of the others. After all, this is common sense speaking here and you certainly don’t want people to take advantage of you neither in your personal or professional life, or any […]