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Increase Your Creator Credibility Like a Boss!

  Let’s assume that you’ve already shot the pitch video, the campaign’s content – over which you’ve poured countless hours (a.k.a. weeks) – is already assembled, and rewards are in their right place. Everything is all set, but you still feel that backers are reluctant to support you. They need more testimonials upon which they […]

Is the Law of Averages Overrated?

“The harder you work, the luckier you’re going to be.” Although it might sound cheesy, the law of averages always makes it’s way through..provided there’s enough effort mustered towards the ideal that you follow. Frank Bettger brilliantly illustrated this principle in his book “How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling”, when he gave […]

Cryotherapy: Restarting Your Own Body (For the Better)

Last year I had a conversation with my friend Cristi about a new kind of alternative healing remedy, namely cryotherapy. He was already familiar with it and advised me to try it out, even on experimental (if not healing) purposes for the first time. Honestly, I was super reluctant. The procedure requires for someone to […]

Enhancing Productivity Medication: Morning Rituals

The smartphone’s alarm clock is promptly (or should I say annoyingly) ringing, signaling the beginning of a new day. It’s morniiiing! ..and you’ve already hit the snooze button for at least 4 times in a row. You get up cranky and not surprisingly find out that you overslept 40 minutes. Your whole day is delayed […]