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Where to Find Crowdfunding Platforms #2

Without any introductions, we continue our Where to Find Crowdfunding Platforms series with issue #2, in which Europe’s largest economy, Germany, will be put under the magnifying glass from a crowdfunding-platform perspective. But before jumping to the list, let’s just review for a moment the legislation present in this country. Germany has adopted in April 2015 the German Retail […]

Crowdfunding or Tribefunding?

Crowdfunding or Tribefunding? That is the question. Now crowdfunding per se assumes that a new venture is funded by small contributions from a usually large crowd, through the aid of the Internet. Entrepreneurs can thus cast a wider net in terms of their marketing reach, all while testing their ideas in real time manner, to name a few advantages. But what […]

Entrepreneur in Extremistan: On Black Swans and Fragile Systems

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a lecture of Nassim Nicholas Taleb about How Things Gain from Disorder, or in other words how to live in a world governed by extremes, a.k.a. “Extremistan”, and still succeed. Short note before going deeper into the subject. Nassim Nicholas Taleb is an ex-option dealer on Wall […]

Where To Start From?

A couple of days ago, me and two of my buds have decided that it’s time to start a business. I mean we’re pretty young, the world is full of opportunities so why not? Plus we all hold expertise in different areas, so theoretically the synergy is there, present on the paper somewhere. Down to […]