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Increase Your Creator Credibility Like a Boss!

  Let’s assume that you’ve already shot the pitch video, the campaign’s content – over which you’ve poured countless hours (a.k.a. weeks) – is already assembled, and rewards are in their right place. Everything is all set, but you still feel that backers are reluctant to support you. They need more testimonials upon which they […]

Where to Find Crowdfunding Platforms #2

Without any introductions, we continue our Where to Find Crowdfunding Platforms series with issue #2, in which Europe’s largest economy, Germany, will be put under the magnifying glass from a crowdfunding-platform perspective. But before jumping to the list, let’s just review for a moment the legislation present in this country. Germany has adopted in April 2015 the German Retail […]

Crowdfunding or Tribefunding?

Crowdfunding or Tribefunding? That is the question. Now crowdfunding per se assumes that a new venture is funded by small contributions from a usually large crowd, through the aid of the Internet. Entrepreneurs can thus cast a wider net in terms of their marketing reach, all while testing their ideas in real time manner, to name a few advantages. But what […]

Where to Find Crowdfunding Platforms #1

Crowdfunding is on the rise in Europe, with a series of regulations being passed in its favor such as the introduction of equity crowdfunding in some countries (e.g. Italy in 2013) or laxer and more favorable rules in general (e.g. Spain, the “Ley de Fomento a la Financiación Empresarial” law in 2015). I received a lot of input from my followers […]

Crowdfunding. Between Divine Bliss And Rotten Promises

You’re a budding entrepreneur that has an innovative idea, you’ve already assembled your dream team and you’re now seeking external funding. But you don’t want to engage in a tiresome round with the VCs – that would take too much time and you would have to be in a permanent “beast mode” everyday for the next […]