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Bookworm #3

It’s been a while folks. Sorry for the absence. Life has happened in the meantime. Without any further excuses, here we go again with Bookworm#3. This series will include more than 4 books, like the normal Bookworm post, as I have actually hacked my reading habits since I came here in Berlin, and thus doubled the amount of […]

Bookworm #2

Here we go again, as promised, with the 2nd issue of the Bookworm posts. This month’s books are special because they offer a lot of useful tips and further reading recommendations for those who want to have a fresh start in Social Media, Sales and Negotiations, and not only (pro’s in these industries might find […]

Bookworm #1

Yeep, I’m quite a bookworm. I finish on average 1 book per week. Why do I say “finish” instead of “read”? Cause I consume 3-4 books simultaneously. Took this idea from James Altucher that encourages idea sex, namely to read books from different subjects and combine that ideas with one another. Works pretty well for me; even though it takes some time. Still the method is better than speed reading a book in 1-2 hours, because you can actually digest every piece of new information one step at a time.