2015-01-07_02.01.59 (1) - CopyHi there! My name is Andrei-Marcel Țiț, and I am passionate about entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation in business, as well as everything that has to do with improving the human’s mind and character overall potential. Why? Because I want to have a valuable impact on every person I come in contact with, irrespective of time and distance.

That is the main reason I’ve trained myself to think and act (still training here) in 10X terms, in order to pursue a career in entrepreneurship at a global level and solve the world’s most relevant problems.

For the moment I’m a student in the Entrepreneurship field, with HQ in Berlin, dedicating my work in helping people to achieve personal growth.

The blog’s purpose is to offer you the necessary tools and means, what I call smart motivation, (*the term Klugemotivation [ˈkluːɡə  motivaˈt͜si̯oːn] comes from German meaning, you guessed it, smart motivation*) that will allow you to make the next step into a better league.

I hope it will serve you best in your pursuit for a better career and life in general. Looking forward to find out about each one of your stories and truly be part of your transformation.

Contact me first on the Blog’s Facebook Official Page for a smoother communication.

Best regards,



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