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Increase Your Creator Credibility Like a Boss!

  Let’s assume that you’ve already shot the pitch video, the campaign’s content – over which you’ve poured countless hours (a.k.a. weeks) – is already assembled, and rewards are in their right place. Everything is all set, but you still feel that backers are reluctant to support you. They need more testimonials upon which they […]

Where to Find Crowdfunding Platforms #2

Without any introductions, we continue our Where to Find Crowdfunding Platforms series with issue #2, in which Europe’s largest economy, Germany, will be put under the magnifying glass from a crowdfunding-platform perspective. But before jumping to the list, let’s just review for a moment the legislation present in this country. Germany has adopted in April 2015 the German Retail […]

Is the Law of Averages Overrated?

“The harder you work, the luckier you’re going to be.” Although it might sound cheesy, the law of averages always makes it’s way through..provided there’s enough effort mustered towards the ideal that you follow. Frank Bettger brilliantly illustrated this principle in his book “How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling”, when he gave […]

Crowdfunding or Tribefunding?

Crowdfunding or Tribefunding? That is the question. Now crowdfunding per se assumes that a new venture is funded by small contributions from a usually large crowd, through the aid of the Internet. Entrepreneurs can thus cast a wider net in terms of their marketing reach, all while testing their ideas in real time manner, to name a few advantages. But what […]

Wireless Charging. Is it Actually Here?

  How many devices do you have to charge on a daily basis? 2, 5 or maybe 8 (hey, some have electrical toothbrushes too)? You have to admit it: irrespective of the number of devices you possess, the process in itself is a big pain in the ass. Charging them simultaneously would be the optimal solution, but how? […]

Bookworm #3

It’s been a while folks. Sorry for the absence. Life has happened in the meantime. Without any further excuses, here we go again with Bookworm#3. This series will include more than 4 books, like the normal Bookworm post, as I have actually hacked my reading habits since I came here in Berlin, and thus doubled the amount of […]

Am I Missing Out?

FoMO, short for the Fear of Missing Out, is the feeling that everybody out there is benefiting from the best experiences this world can give, and you are just not part it. You lost the lottery of opportunities so you might just suck it up and be grateful for the little that you have. WRONG. I […]

Fake It ’til You Make It?

This post is meant to be a manifesto, upon which you can return whenever you deviate from your true mission, that is, your inner calling. I’ll sure do so. The old saying says: “Fake it till you make it.”. But does it really work? I’ve stumbled upon this quote 3 years ago in an infographic, […]

Cryotherapy: Restarting Your Own Body (For the Better)

Last year I had a conversation with my friend Cristi about a new kind of alternative healing remedy, namely cryotherapy. He was already familiar with it and advised me to try it out, even on experimental (if not healing) purposes for the first time. Honestly, I was super reluctant. The procedure requires for someone to […]